Mendelson Law Firm Debt Collection Complaints

Review and analysis of 7 consumer complaints against Mendelson Law Firm

Out of the 7 consumer complaints against Mendelson Law Firm Debt Collection, 0% were disputed by the consumer (i.e. the consumer was not happy with how Mendelson Law Firm responded to their complaint) and 100% were processed in a timely manner. 14% of consumer complaints against Mendelson Law Firm resulted in the consumer receiving monetary compensation (e.g. money, cash reimbursement, etc.) and 29% resulted in non-monetary compensation.

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Mendelson Law Firm false statements or representation attempted to collect wrong amount

December 4, 2016 - On -/-/- I was treated at - - - - Hospital for -. At the time my husband provided my current insurance and personal information. At the time, I had - insurance, through - - -. Shortly after the services, I received a bill from the Emergency room and ambulance service. I paid all out of pocket expense ( about $1800.00 ) which I assumed was the complete bill for that date of services. On - -, - ( 14 months later ) I received a bill from - for a collection account in the amount of $5100.00 for - - - Florida. After researching this, I fo...

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Mendelson Law Firm disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

September 27, 2016 - I was notified by the payroll dept that my wages were going to be garnished regarding a filed judgement. After contacting the representative of the creditor, we agreed on a lump sum plus monthly payments. I never knew that I had a court date for this matter, so I asked for all documentation. He could not supply me with that, and advised me to get that from the court. However, I also asked to receive written notification of our agreement, as well as written monthly statements showing payments and current balances. The legal clerk said that that could not be provided, although if I paid over the...

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Mendelson Law Firm disclosure verification of debt right to dispute notice not received

August 13, 2015 - I told them that this is not my debt, must be some mistake, I had to appear in court but did not get a chance to speak to the judge, was told to wait that some one would call me, I tried to explain but she did not want to hear any thing I had to say she gave me another court date. ...

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