Wells Fargo & Company Student Loan Complaint

Non-federal student loan Dealing with my lender or servicer having problems with customer service

Wells Fargo & Company Student loan department,

Non-federal student loan Dealing with my lender or servicer Having problems with customer service Virginia

The daughter ( - ) of my former spouse took out an $8000.00 student loan and was able to have me listed as a co-signer without my prior approval. Despite filing a report with the - police department and being labeled as identity theft by them, Wells Fargo is refusing to release me as a co-signer on the loan. While my former spouse and I lived together while married, I did not grant her daughter the right to use me as a co-signer at any time. The bank has struggled to provide me with relevant information, and refuses to speak with me to understand the facts involved with this situation. I have spoken with Fraud department personnel, Executive team administrative assistants, and local branch employees, many of which agree that the bank should remove me as a co-signer. However, the fraud department contends that because the person initiating the loan did so with the same address as me at the time and that I had asked questions about a loan at one point, they will not remove me. A police detective that I recently spoke with told me that the mere fact that a former spouses daughter lived in my home at some point does not justify them from using my identity illegally. I would appreciate any and all help that your office can provide me in remedying this situation.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Virginia
Apr 07, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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