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Credit monitoring or identity protection account terms and changes

Experian Credit reporting department,

Credit monitoring or identity protection Account terms and changes Pennsylvania

I read about Experian falsely reporting credit scores, and lenders not using the actual credit scores that were sold to me. At the end of 2016, I went to -. I was n't able to see my score, only the information on my credit report. There was a marketing ad advising me that in order to see my actual score that I would have to purchase the Experian Credit Tracker service for $24.00 a month. I did that. I just cancelled it last month. After reading about the fine that the US has implemented on them, I called them to request a refund for the service I paid for since those number I saw were misrepresented. I spoke with a woman who told me that since I cancelled the service already that she can not issue me a refund because she has no access into my account, which I think is absurd. Also that fact that I can not see my billing history with them through my account without being forced to pay for another month of service is absolutely absurd. I was advised by the rep that I spoke with that told me she could not give me a

I was talking to a different person ) and she told me that they have no such thing, when I mentioned to her that a dispute case number was already confirmed with the previous rep she suddenly found a number to give me. A different number but a number non the less. The dispute number that - gave me is -. I paid a total of $49.00 to Experian for 3 months of service. The first month was billed at $24.00 and the second and third month was billed at $12.00 and I would like the total for the three months, which is $49.00 to be refunded to me. - told me that the another reason I was only getting a partial refund was because the credit score given to me through the product that I purchased was only an " educational score '' because there is no way for them to know my exact score because things change so often with scoring. Its ridiculous that consumers are the victim of their false advertising. If in fact, my score was only for educational purposes, it should still be accurate, after all, education should always be accurate. Additionally, the fact that the numbers were not accurate should have been mentioned in their marketing information that I saw, that prompted me to purchase their service.

Experian customer in Pennsylvania
Mar 30, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Experian response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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