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FHA mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account Pennsylvania

On -/-/-, Loancare, LLC disbursed $840.00 to my homeowners insurance group, -. On -/-/-, I notified Loancare that they had over-paid the -, as the premium had dropped by $160.00. I asked that they perform an escrow reanalysis to ensure that I am not continuing to over-pay into escrow. I followed-up in -/-/- via telephone to ask if the reanalysis was performed, and they stated that I needed to fax a copy of the new premium, which I faxed over the next morning. I called again at the beginning of -/-/- to understand where we were with my request. They stated that although they had received the document and the new premium was updated on their side, the " Insurance department '' had not given them the OK to make adjustments. They stated they would need another two weeks. At the end of -/-/- I called again, this time pointing-out that the County taxes had also gone down by $83.00, and that adjustments had not been done on their side. They stated that they were still reviewing, and that their Insurance department was still holding-up my homeowners renewal. Again, they needed another two weeks. I contacted their office at the beginning of -/-/- and demanded to speak with a supervisor, as they had done nothing to rectify the situation. The Customer Service Representative advised that her supervisor was in Florida, and that she had passed the message along. I advised that I needed a call regarding this matter no later than -/-/- or I would file a complaint with both the CFPB and the Pennsylvania Attorney General 's Office. I advised that I should be called directly on my mobile phone, but no one has called to date. I have also checked the account as of -/-/-, and adjustments to the payments have not been made. I am over-paying $240.00 per year or a total of $20.00 per month as a result.

Loan Care customer in Pennsylvania
Mar 15, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Loan Care handled their complaint

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