Loan Care Mortgage Complaint

Conventional adjustable mortgage (ARM) Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Loan Care Mortgage department,

Conventional adjustable mortgage (ARM) Loan modification,collection,foreclosure California

Originally this loan was with -. Without notice, the loan was transferred to LoanCare. It was until -/-/- that the homeowner received an invoice from LoanCare that we knew the loan had a new servicer. In -/-/- we contacted LoanCare and we were informed that the loan was still in the loading stage and that the full features for this loan were n't ready. We did inform LoanCare that we had been previously working with - on a short sale and that all documents were submitted to them. When asked if we needed to resubmit the answer was no since all documents associated with that loan will be available once the loan was fully loaded in the system. In -/-/- we contacted LoanCare and was informed that there was no update. In -/-/- called again to follow up on the short sale and was informed that a new package needed to be submitted and that there was a sale date of -/-/-. Immediately we email the short sale package as requested. For several weeks we are given the email and fax number to submit the short sale package and every time we submit the lender does n't receive. Again and

have been trying for over 30 days to get the full package to them. Furthermore, when we called we were informed by LoanCare that this was not their decision to make on this file, to contact the Foreclosure Attorney. When we contact the foreclosure attorney, the Attorney states it is up to LoanCare to provide the instructions of whether or not to postponed. Also, when we requested an escalation and for management to assist in this transaction we were only referred to the loss mitigation department. This homeowner is requesting assistance for the first time to avoid foreclosure. She did the right thing by hiring us a professional Realtor to short sale her home the moment she knew she could n't afford to keep it. She did n't wait months and months. The only thing she is requesting is assistance from his servicer to allow her to short sale her home in an effort to avoid foreclosure. The lack of efficiency of a servicer should n't be allowed to be an excuse for this honest homeowner to lose her home through foreclosure. As I am writing this complaint, I called Loancare for a last attempt to get answers and their answer was the same. You need to contact the foreclosure attorney, to which I responded, They have told us they do n't make the decision. I was then placed on HOLD and after 18 minutes of holding there is no resolution. Please help me avoid foreclosure. I have gone through all the correct venues to work directly with the lender without a resolution.

Loan Care customer in California
Mar 08, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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