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Conventional fixed mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account Nebraska

RE : Case number : - NOTE : See attached hazard insurance payments ( 2 ) from -. The attached PDF file with the cancelled checks from the hazard insurance company shows that there were two payments to - - - to completely pay the insurance in full. The annual premium was $1900.00. - - received the first payment on -/-/- in the amount of $1300.00, and the second payment received on -/-/- in the amount of $550.00 totaling $1900.00. The mortgage was sold from - - to Loan Care on - -, - several months after the Hazard insurance was paid in full and all monthly statements and final escrow statements from - for the - transition was paid in full and in good standing. Loan Care 's response to case number - dated - - - obviously did not review their own documents they attached to the response of the original complaint. The transition documents from the seller ( - - ) and the Buyer ( Loan Care ) shows there was no escrow shortage in the account and all escrow was paid and up to date. THERE WAS NO ADDITIONAL OR DUPLICATE PAYMENTS IN E-CESS OF THE PREMIUM AMOUNT AS THEY ARE STATING IN THEIR -/-/- CFPB RESPONSE ( Case number : - ). Within the last couple months, I unfortunately paid what was suppose to be the shortage with Loan Care on -/-/- in the amount of $460.00 that I want refunded to me as soon as possible.

Loan Care customer in Nebraska
Feb 16, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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