Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Credit monitoring or identity protection problem cancelling or closing account

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Credit monitoring or identity protection Problem cancelling or closing account Pennsylvania

- -, 2016 I got an alert on my credit from a company called - - -. stating I owed them $110.00 for medical service. I sent the company a very detailed letter requesting validation on this account. I asked - - -. to provide me with : 1. what the money they say I owe was for 2. explain and show me how they calculated what they say I owe 3. copies of anything i signed saying I agreed to pay them 4. Identify the original creditor 5. show me that they are licensed to collect in my state of PA 6. To also provide me with their license number and a registered agent. As of Today - - 2016 this company has failed to contact me. I notified Equifax on - - 2016 in writting that this was not my account. they did not remove it I notified Equifax again in writting - -, 2016 when the company did not send me any information I asked for after 30 days of the first letter I sent them. I sent Equifax copies of my reciepts and certified mail return receipts to see that I did indeed send these letters to this company. Equifax still refuse to remove this item off my credit. - - - has wrongfuly placed an acccount on my credit report that is not true and does not belong to me. If needed I can mail you guys the copies of the letter and receipts as well.

Equifax customer in Pennsylvania
Oct 24, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Equifax handled their complaint

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