Ability Recovery Services, LLC Student Loan Complaint

Non-federal student loan Dealing with my lender or servicer don't agree with fees charged

Ability Recovery Services, LLC Student loan department,

Non-federal student loan Dealing with my lender or servicer Don't agree with fees charged District of Columbia

-/-/2009, I went through a divorce my husband took everything. Looking to better myself I signed for some online courses. Came across the online school - -. I spoke with a representative, ask questioned like was the school accredited?. All my questions were answered falsely. They told me school was accredited. Signed up and I found out the next day, that the school was not accredited. I was not happy about that and I called to cancel my classes. I was told that my classes would be cancelled since I have been in classes for less than 7 days. They told me I could withdraw as long as - % of the course work was not completed. If I recall correctly I only completed - % of the work. I attended another local university and never logged on again. Now I am in a position to buy a home and this - - - is on my credit report preventing me from doing so. I have called - - they told me they sold my account and have no information of my case. So I called the collection agency and they told me that they only have records of me attending for the one day noted above but they could not take it off my credit report and I need to pay them the -. If I had in fact completed that course I would have no problems paying the money, But I did n't. Furthermore it 's really sad that organizations like this exists praying on the weak and less fortunate. Who in there right mind would spend time and money on a course that is not accredited and you will not be able to gain employment afterwards?

Ability Recovery Services, LLC customer in District of Columbia
May 24, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Ability Recovery Services, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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