Ability Recovery Services, LLC Debt Collection Complaint

Other (phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt not given enough info to verify debt

Ability Recovery Services, LLC Debt collection department,

Other (phone, health club, etc.) Disclosure verification of debt Not given enough info to verify debt Pennsylvania

After several attempts of trying to legally communicate and validate a debt that Ability Recovery Services is trying to collect they are negligent and less than professional in responding to the issue. Ability Recover Services has reported to my credit report without validating a debt they purchased. It has come to the point that it is just harassing them avoiding the issue then dealing with the matter. They are using a false instrument 'contract ' which does n't contain my signature. This contract also is a contract for a period of 2 '' months. There report to the credit bureau 's state the - delinquency as of -/2014. 1. I have provided proof of payment for months including the month -/2014 they claim late as report to the credit bureaus. 2. I have fully satisfied this contracts 2 '' months agreement and vacated premises before -/-/2014 with proof of payments3. Within the contract

- - ' not someone else 's signature. I will advise you at Ability Recovery Service to run your business in a professional manner, you on going - word replies and being stupid are getting rather lame to me. Please provide FACT proof to your so called collection or get it off my credit report. I have submitted documents with this complaint ; 1. The false instrument 'contract ' you submitted to me that does not contain my signature. 2. Receipts of payments for the debt you 've reported to the credit bureau 's ( receipt - - rent ) Paid3. Copy of Credit report for the month of delinquency -/2014I have validated your claims invalid '' and have satisfied this money you so called seek with the information above. I will not submit anything with my real signature to you to avoid anymore fraudulent activity. My signature proof will be submitted if need be to the Attorney General with such item 's as:1. car registrations2. Checking account checks3. Deed to home purchase

Ability Recovery Services, LLC customer in Pennsylvania
Sep 20, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Ability Recovery Services, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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