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For some six months past the due date, - Housing and Finance Association ( IHFA ) failed to pay the -/-/- property taxes on a home purchased from me -/-/-. This resulted in interest and penalties being imposed ; the permanent slander of my name and financial status ; the loss of a property tax deduction for the buyer ; and many hours of labor by myself and others to rectify the situation. Elaboration : IHFA 's client - - - purchased a house from me on -/-/-. - realtors, a title company and an escrow agent, all duly licensed, facilitated the transaction. - law requires use of an escrow agent and payment by the seller of prorated property taxes at closing. This was done. The attached - - - shows I paid $670.00 in prorated property taxes at closing. - law also requires that a -/-/- seller 's name remain the name of record for -/-/- property tax purposes and that the buyer notify the County Treasurer and Assessor of a change in ownership. The - and - halves of -/-/- property taxes were due -/-/- and -/-/-, respectively. IHFA failed to pay any tax by these dates. On

Statement shows that the lender was Primary Residential Mortgage of - - -, -. But after many hours of speaking with the parties involved, researching, and consulting an attorney, I found the loan had changed hands around -/-/--/-/-. At this time I understand there was a --link chain of lenders. The - mortgage holder is currently - Housing and Finance Association. I notified IHFA that it needed to pay the property tax. It did so -/-/-. Various losses to me remain. - will be to the permanent detriment of my reputation. I accuse IHFA of abusive practices and waste. I think few - would have the time and ability to have identified who was responsible for the property taxes. Many -/-/- home sellers, under duress, might have double paid property taxes ( once at closing ; again upon the County Treasurer 's notice of delinquency ). To abuse home sellers and buyers is an easy matter, perhaps especially in the case of mortgage holders servicing loans for those of more humble means. Waste includes squandering my and others ' time ; accumulation of interest and penalties on the delinquent property taxes ; and the buyer of this home ( - - - ) not being able to take a tax deduction -/-/- for the payment of property taxes. - Housing and Finance Association contact - - - - , - - ( - ) -- : -

Idaho Housing and Finance Association customer in New Mexico
Jul 01, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Idaho Housing and Finance Association response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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