Messerli & Kramer P.A. Communication Tactics Complaints

Review and analysis of over 10 complaints against Messerli & Kramer P.A.

Messerli & Kramer P.A. consumers have reported over 10 official complaints related to Communication tactics. Out of the 10 consumer complaints against Messerli & Kramer P.A., 20% were disputed by the consumer (i.e. the consumer was not happy with how Messerli & Kramer P.A. responded to their complaint) and 100% were processed in a timely manner. 0% of consumer complaints against Messerli & Kramer P.A. resulted in the consumer receiving monetary compensation (e.g. money, cash reimbursement, etc.) and 20% resulted in non-monetary compensation.

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New Communication Tactics Consumer Complaints

Messerli & Kramer P.A. Debt collection communication tactics threatened to take legal action

January 17, 2017 - On Wednesday -/-/- I called Messerli & Kramer to follow up on a settlement offer I submitted via their online portal. I had not received any return communication from the settlement offer I submitted and it had been about two weeks. I reached the after hours message line. I left a voicemail with my first and last name, why I was calling, and my return contact number. On Thursday -/-/-, I missed a phone call from a representative with Messerli & Kramer named -. The voicemail that she left cut in and out so I was not able to retrieve the phone number or the extension number she prov...

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Messerli & Kramer P.A. Debt collection communication tactics used obscene/profane/abusive language

September 17, 2016 - The company is Messerli and Kramer, a debt collector. They took over the account I had with - - that was sent to - -. The original amount, according to my credit report was $3200.00. I paid - payments of $100.00 to Messerli/Kramer. When I called them the week of - -, the representative was very rude. Told me the balance was $ - My payment had stopped on - of 2015 - I have written proof of payments from my Credit Union . According to the balance, they have issued unauthorized charges of interest of approximately $1000.00. I told the representative, -, that I i...

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Messerli & Kramer P.A. Debt collection communication tactics threatened to take legal action

May 30, 2015 - They will not tell me who the original creditor is have asked several times. They asked for proof of recieving - - months ago I provided it. Now - months later there requesting it again. They have called me at my work in the past I asked them to not call me there within a month they called me there again putting my job in danger. Very rude on the phone. ...

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