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FHA mortgage Closing on a mortgage

WELLS FARGO & COMPANY Mortgage department,

FHA mortgage Closing on a mortgage Pennsylvania

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in there reply on -/-/18 about the California All purpose Certificate as there response I sign the document is not my signature as claim by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Power of attorney is not my signature nor my printed signing. Futher more Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has yet to produce the proof of my signature to that document nor does Wells Fargo Home Mortgage been able to justify my signature. The document was sign by the Notary. I did not sign nor give consent to the Notary and was not ever giving or mail any copy of no California All purpose document. Wells fargo Home Mortgage wants to blame the media in which has nothing to do with my signature or documents forge by there notary as there agent. wells fargo home mortgage acted wreckless and has yey to prove by any legal means that is my signature in any way. all wells fargo home mortgage does is reply back with some lam excuse or blame game on some one else.

WELLS FARGO & COMPANY customer in Pennsylvania
Sep 14, 2018

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

WELLS FARGO & COMPANY response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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