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I have several issues with my account, accounts with Wells Fargo. So I do n't know where to start. First was -/-/--/-/-. Was online got email about online bill paying, thought this seems good idea. Signed up few minutes later got email from " lender '' offering me a loan. Should start from beginning. Month ago landlord wants sell home we live in. We decided try getting mortgage thru our bank, Wells Fargo. Well we was denied, no worries I thought. I had few issues with credit scores needed attention. So I tried getting personal loan, well I was denied. Now im wondering what really going on. So I got free online credit report. Just bunch - my opinion. Said nothing to help. Trying everything to get what I think should be what lenders seeing without giving information online got me nowhere. So we started looking at online services for homeloans. Got denied from lending tree for home loan and personal loans. I was getting frustrated this point. By now I looking for Banks number because I 'm getting reports that my credit score almost - points lower than should been. Now comes online bill paying email. I signed up

- so I started to believe this. I feel so far into hole you have no idea. People it was they send money I send back proving I was n't a robot slash scam arrest. It came as a online deposit with Treasury check from Wells Fargo said deposit successful, funds available next day. People this way weekend went online services temporarily out services all weekend. I withdrew money sent back a -. Ya I Kno come Monday morning there no sign deposit online I could tell. I called lender no response, so I called Wells Fargo and while waiting hearing everything transpired over weekend I bought had -. My account was frauded. Took me 2 weeks get account fixed. I been on phone total 90 hours I 'm out money and wages to deal with stuff. That 's just beginning people. There are - hard inquiries - basically judgements. How could I let this happen you ask. My credit score was almost purfect for reason. I 'm over - years old I 'm old school comes credit banker calls a guy who calls other does this person pay on time. Great I 'm approved, I was careful not - - for them use. I was contacted by online payday place last week find out -/-/- I got loan, now they wo n't give me info I need prove innocent, now I paid get credit reports. Now I see what really going on.payday scam account from Wells Fargo never mind a phone number never mine. It seems everyone I talk to saying from Wells Fargo I 'm crazy no way have emails and accounts that I ca n't see. People after all security and attention I put towards this I 've gotten 1000 + emails past week alone, have they abandoned my information? Well I called financial institution that sent me letter 9 years ago saying my account information mat or may not have been breached. I closed account went guess where? Yes Wells Fargo, no I asked pls bank alot questions, how all this could happened. I 've had 2 + weeks come up with them. They said emails an be used by others sent without your know accounts at bank from others and you not knowing. Basically if they want can have everything but kitchen sink. I 'm so stupid let this happen because money pose be safest in bank. Sorry about this bullshit.i do n't know if able come back after trying retrieve that info on shaddy lender. Basically it do n't matter do n't give your old sweet grand mother you personal info. Nobody should ever know your password. NOBODY I 've asked can wf and outside fraud be tied in together? Am I crazy, I do n't think so, I think CEOs from WF are scapegoats. Our money going elsewhere

Wells Fargo & Company customer in North Dakota
Apr 12, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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