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URGENT! I want LoanCare to pay the HOA fees as agreed before I loose my home on -/-/- due to a foreclosure sale. I received the following email on -/-/- and I need clarification : Good Morning - - The client has informed us that they will not be paying the outstanding HOA dues in the amount of $ - on a $ - loan. Also, the client is aware of the sale on -/-/-, and are well aware that CA is not a super lien state. Thank you - - Mortgage Resolution Specialist- Default LC-Foreclosure Department LoanCare, - O : - F : - - : -- - : A : - , VA - - # - I am NOT sure if there is a communication issue BUT I have sent the following emails as to my intentions last week and earlier today : - Hello, Any updates

the HOA fees being paid so this will stop the sale. However IF this is NOT feasible then I said to proceed with payment. I need your response before I loose my house. Thank you. - - - -/-/- Hello, Any updates on this matter? I was able to locate a statement from the - - HOA. The HOA stopped sending me statements years ago. I temporarily moved out of my townhome in -/-/- and surprise I received 2 statements in the mail from the HOA a few weeks after I moved. One reflects a balance of $6700.00 then a few days from that statement I received another statement reflecting $20000.00. The - states I owe $29000.00 in HOA fees through -/-/-. The rest they are stating I owe to the - : $25000.00. This is why I ask if you could please send a payment of the $29000.00 to the - - HOA or even the $31000.00 ( as per the Writ of Sale scheduled for -/-/- )? - - Hopefully, LoanCare will be able to at least send me something in the mail that shows the HOA fees were paid in full and I will be able to appear on -/-/- in the court to present that document to try to stop the sale? ******OR can you have some representatives from LOANCARE to be present at the sale on -/-/- to issue this check to the HOA on that day to stop the sale of my townhome? ***** In summary I am asking for LoanCare to remit payment to the HOA ( - - ) in the amount of $29000.00 or even in the amount of $31000.00 ( per writ of sale ) to be on the safe side. Payment should be remitted to - HOA c/o -, CA -. HOA ACCOUNT NUMBER : -. Make check payable to - -. ( As I sent on -/-/- in an attachment in an email to - with Loan Care. Otherwise go ahead and proceed with the full payment of $ - so the loan with stay in place and I wo n't become homeless next month.

Loan Care customer in California
Apr 12, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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