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Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt is not mine

Convergent Resources, Inc. Debt collection department,

Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt is not mine Pennsylvania

my name is the - my biological father he is the same name sake except he is - and he has used my social security number and an old license to get a - Cell phone or something I am not sure for years I have been trying to get this off my record Convergent outsourcing INC they have not only lied about the debt but they have changed the name of their company and everytime they change companies or buy it from another person they add a new date as when it was closed reguardless I have a - cell phone myself and I have had the same cell phone number for at the least 10 years it was opened in my - by my mother under her name but the number has been the same I have tried to fight this over and over but they find ways to put it back on there I even had them on the phone - verified the length of my cell phone number history and admitted it was not me but then they sold the debt to - and again I stated the same and went through the process and again

I cant get it off and they wont talk to me unless I admit its my debt which it is not I want them to take this off and I will not admit to owing money that I do n't even know where or when it came from but this has been a 7-8 year struggle anyway I try they switch the account once they know it is n't mine or they hang up on me after about an hour of arguing back and forth I am getting married and will not have this happen much longer so is there something you guys can do to help or do I take them to court???

Convergent Resources, Inc. customer in Pennsylvania
Apr 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Convergent Resources, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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