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FHA mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account New York

$1600.00 was removed from my checking account with - Bank in error, on -/-/-. On -/-/- I notified LoanCare Servicing, and provided documentation that the payment had cleared. As a side note, my mortage payment due for that month was -, so I have no idea where the amount taken was coming from. On -/-/- the mortgage payment from the correct checking account with - was posted at LoanCare. Meaning duplicate payment was made. I 've attempted to have funds returned to the - account since -/-/-, have called 5 times, -/-/-, -/-/- - at which point the issue was 'escalated ' by them, -/-/- - at which point I was told I had n't given enough time after escalation on the - and the first week I had already given them did n't count, -/-/- - at which point I was told that I should expect the funds returned by -/-/-, -/-/- - where I was told they did n't know why it had n't been done yet, but that they would 'priority escalate ' and it would be looked at in a couple hours, and again on -/-/- - to be told that I would need to wait an additional 48 hours for the 'priority escalation ' to be looked at, and they were n't sure why I was told it would be a few hours. It 's become clear that 'escalation ' is just a tactic to buy additional time and get me off the phone, and they have no intention of returning the funds removed without my permission. I filed a case through - bank on -/-/-, to try to recoup the funds that way. Additionally I have received no correspondence at all on this issue from LoanCare, the only communication has been initiated by me. I have spoken with the following LoanCare representatives ; they provide their agent # s at the beginning of calls : -.

Loan Care customer in New York
Apr 04, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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