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Citibank sent me two letters Monday stating that they were closing my corporate accounts with NO explanation. I immediately called the bank and asked why. The Citibank employee stated that they were being closed because the IRS and NYS Tax Department were seizing all my assets. She gave me the name and phone number of someone to contact at the government. I spent the next few hours going CRAZY. How would I pay my staff, clients, vendors and myself? Good news - - after getting thru I owe NOTHING and they were NOT seizing my assets. Tuesday I must have called every Citibank phone number I could find to try to reach a person who knew what was going on. Each one had a different story but NO answers. I researched and found a few board members email addresses. I sent them some emails and no one bothers to even reply " Were looking into it '' Radio Silence.

charges are complete or I can switch them to the new bank. I also asked for the remainder in cash so I can have immediate access She agrees IN WRITING several times. The money would be ready on Thursday. Today I go to the new bank and open the accounts. I then go to Citibank and the branch - has her supervisor present. They advised me that no one told me that they could give cash out ( yeah - I know a bank that cant give cash to its customers : - (. I tell her that I have emails and she just gets angry and asks me to leave ... .. I said not until I get my money. She leaves and calls the local - Police Dept ( A bunch of fantastic guys ) came and tried to help. This area supervisor tells me thru the officers that they are CLOSING my commercial accounts today. No funds will be left in the accounts to satisfy outstanding checks. That they will send me the checks in the mail. They have the right to cancel any account at anytime without cause. So now I have to wait for the checks to come ... wait for them to clear. The new bank says it might take a day or two after I present them. How am I going to pay my staff, rent, clients, vendors? I have NO access to any funds until Citibank gets the checks together and sends them and they clear the new bank. I thought at least I have my personal account I can draw from until this is solved. I try to log in but Citibank has close my personal account as well. Now I have NO money available. What is almost as bad - - I try to log into both my personal and corporate accounts. The sites state my accounts are closed and have no access to know what checks cleared and did not. Nothing is listed - - no statements ... no activity .... nothing. Since I am paperless I have no way to know if Citibank is sending me the correct amounts. I have no way to look at my records. Once again I go thru the barrage of numbers and found a manager who stated it was my fault and that I closed the accounts which is FALSE. I explain that it we disagree but it doesnt matter - - I just need access to my records. He starts yelling and tells me they will send them when they get around to it.

Citibank customer in New York
Mar 31, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Citibank response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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