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Checking account Account opening, closing, or management Colorado

I had a checking and savings account with US Bank from around -/-/- until -/-/- or -/-/- ( not sure on the dates ). Around that time I was purchasing some items, - of these items were $.00 cents each, and received overdraft charges for these items, I was aware that US Bank was capable of forgiving Overdraft fees in discretionary instances and asked them if they could do so. They told me that they would not reverse the overdraft charges to which I asked them to close my account and told them I would not be banking with them any longer. I have since not received one letter, phone call, email or any other form of communication from US Bank or any debt collectors on their behalf. On -/-/- I received a phone call from a - with the phone number - threatening me with a lawsuit and telling me that I would be served within - hours. They told me that I owed $700.00 worth of interest that had accrued on my US Bank account over the last - or so years and threatened me with a lawsuit in - for damages of over $3000.00. I am currently

debt, they made little to no effort to contact me, ( 4 ) if US Bank did not close my account that day or shortly after as I asked them to and thought that they had, I received absolutely no information from them about my account still being open and accruing interest. Unfortunately I have no statements or anything from US Bank that I can upload at this time as I do not know what my account number is ( or was ) or how to gain access to it. I am also hesitant to call US Bank or go in to their local branch- as IF there is a pending lawsuit, I do not want to do anything that I am not supposed to do

U.S. Bancorp customer in Colorado
Mar 29, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

U.S. Bancorp response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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