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Conventional fixed mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account Georgia

My mortgage loan was transferred from - to LoanCare, LLC in -/-/-. At that time, I sent a letter to LoanCare, LLC and enclosed a copy of my -/-/- property tax bill which was due in -/-/- ( - ) and -/-/- ( - County ) as well as a copy of my insurance policy and my bank information so they could begin auto-draft of my mortgage payments. LoanCare, LLC failed to pay my property taxes from my escrow account and on -/-/-, I received a Notice of Intent to Issue FIFA from the - County Tax Commissioner. I immediately contacted LoanCare, LLC and emailed the customer service email regarding the need to pay my property taxes immediately to avoid having a lien put on my property. I attached a letter as well as the original tax bill and a copy of the Notice of Intent to Issue FIFA. I was never contacted by LoanCare, LLC and have called five ( 5 ) times and spoken to several different representatives and one ( 1 ) supervisor who promised to call me back yesterday evening with information. She did not call me. I sent a letter to - -, President of

has contacted me as of today, -/-/- at -. I have researched the federal register pertaining to this matter ( 12 CFR 1024.17 ) and it states that the servicer must pay the disbursements in a timely manner, that is, on or before the deadline to avoid a penalty, as long as the borrower 's payment is not more than 30 days overdue. LoanCare, LLC had no problem processing the auto-draft to receive my payments each month. They did have a problem processing payment of my property taxes from my escrow account. In my letter to the President of LoanCare, LLC, I stated that errors do happen - I understand that. What I do n't understand is why no one has been proactive in contacting me ( I 've initiated every written and verbal communication ) and why they have n't been able to process payment of my property taxes within 10 business days. I was told by one supervisor that the payment is being processed and would be paid by this Friday, -/-/- and she would call me when it 's been initiated. I asked for an email stating that but have received no written confirmation. I have no confidence that this will be done. Yesterday, when I spoke to the supervisor who said she would call me last night ( and did n't ), I told her they need to send my property tax payment in an expedited and tracked method and I wanted the tracking number to confirm the tax commissioner receives the payment prior to -/-/- - the date they are going to issue a lien on my property. I told her this was very - for me and causing -. She said she has a house and understands the situation and would call me within two hours. As stated above, I did not receive a call last night and have not received a call yet with status update. This is unacceptable but I am at their mercy in this situation. I only hope they will pay my taxes in full and on time or I will have to pay them myself so my credit is n't damaged. Then, I 'll have a different battle to fight - trying to get LoanCare, LLC to reimburse me!

Loan Care customer in Georgia
Feb 23, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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