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Conventional fixed mortgage Loan servicing, payments, escrow account Georgia

Purchased our home in - of -. Our - payment was made in - of -. Loan care servicing center was responsible for taking our payment and process it. We made our payments on time every month and never sent in a payment, I always called and spoke to someone and they made the payment as an ACH transaction.. Our mortgage was sold in - or - to -. We continued to make monthly payments to them via phone. It was n't until - that we called to make a payment and were informed we were 30 days behind. After many phone calls we disputed a missing payment they said we had in - -. After faxing and emailing proof of payment they changed the month of the missing payment to - of -. After this date was verified payed just a few months ago the now new date up for dispute is - of -. We have provided and ACH transaction proof from our bank and we 're told by the End of - - we would be receiving a letter letting us know the problems had been corrected and the late fees and missing payment would be resolved

-, Loancare hung up on us twice and we nothing was resolved. We have sought legal advise and Loancare still refuses to fix the mistake on their end. They have our transaction for - - being sent back to our bank as insufficient funds. We have provided them with proof on our bank statement that it was never put back in our account and the ACH transaction was posted to the account. They have more than enough proof and are refusing to accept something happened on their end. This has been over a year we have been fighting this and my husbands credit has been ruined in the process. Attached is all the proof we have ever given them and they are still saying it is n't satisfactory.

Loan Care customer in Georgia
Feb 15, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Loan Care response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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