Sterling Jewelers Inc. Debt Collection Complaint

Credit card Improper contact or sharing of info contacted me after i asked not to

Sterling Jewelers Inc. Debt collection department,

Credit card Improper contact or sharing of info Contacted me after I asked not to Ohio

Sterling Jewelers 30 day dept continued to call me after I explained that my wife lost her job and gave them a date I would pay asked them not to call me again on 3 occasions all 3 times I said Cease and desist. The rep ended the call and the next rep informed me that the only notes from the previous call were refused to pay. I explained that I told them the exact amount and date I would pay. Ic also told them to Cease and Desist. This did nothing to stop the harassment. They also tell me it wil be out of department if I do n't pay right then this is not true and the threat that they have or are reporting to credit bureaus if I do not give them my credit card info that day is false, they do not report until 90 days late. These reps have ignored multiple requests to not call my cell phone, do not call during working hours, Cease and Desist, do not call until after the date I said I would pay and to stop harassing me. They either do not keep accurate documentation of conversation or lie

and say I am ending this call and hang up after I tell them this is cell phone and I want harassing rude calls to Cease and Desist they then do not notate my account in order to calll numerous times per day threatening to transfer account to another department if I do not post date or call someone and borrow the funds. This department transfer does not happen and either does reporting. I paid cpayment due on the date promised and they continue to call my cell multiple times per day hanging up when I answer. This company is harassing me on my cell, during work, while I am sleeping, after a promise to pay with a date commitment and request for no more calls, multiple calls after being told one per day if they wo n't Cease and Desist, hang up calls after paid, mid documentation and misleading threats. Please stop them. Until my wife lost her job I was never late always lapaying more than due. Explained loss of income and was told to borrow. The HARRASSMENT has to stop or I will be unemployed also. I owe them less than - and have asked for a change of due date so I wo n't be harassed to no avail. Still receiving hang up calls on cell from numbers all over the country when payment has been made during working hours and when I call the number back and end call after hearing who it is they call back constantly until answered. What part of Cease and Desist this is a cell phone you are harassing me I will pay Friday please stop calling until then do not call will be late while wife is unemployed and no I ca n't borrow DO THESE PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTAND? All my other debtors work with me. Will never shop at any of their stores again. No harassment was involved in purchasing. Something has to be done to stop them.

Sterling Jewelers Inc. customer in Ohio
Nov 11, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Sterling Jewelers Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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