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Synchrony Financial Credit card department,

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-/-/-, I noticed charges on my Citgo credit card, managed by Syncrony Bank, were pending in amounts higher than actual charges. We questioned the gas station manager and were advised that Citgo was now imposing a $30.00 hold charge on every transaction for 24 -48 hours until the actual charges were processed. I called Syncrony bank and advised that the " pending '' charges were being imposed by Citgo. I call Citgo and advised the charges were a result of a new business takeover and began in -. I advised that this was unfair since my account was reflecting the " pending '' $30.00 charges for 48 - 72 hours in addition to the actual gas purchases made thus tying up credit and effecting my overall credit availability on the card and as a whole. Attached is my recent on-line billing activity reflecting $30.00 pending dated - and -. Both purchases were made but only for $12.00 and $17.00 ( also attached ), respectively. In addition, the on-line bill reflects both the - actual and pending charges for a total of $42.00. Up to -, only the actual gas/merchandise charges were " pending '' until they were applied to the account reflecting a true and accurate balance due and credit available on the account. Now, substantial credit is tied up by these bogus " pending '' charges and to add insult to injury the " pending '' charges are reflected on the account for the same purchases for 24-48 hours after the actual charges have hit.

Synchrony Financial customer in District of Columbia
Sep 27, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Synchrony Financial response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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