Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Improper use of my credit report report improperly shared by crc

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Improper use of my credit report Report improperly shared by CRC Pennsylvania

In - -, fraudulent attempts were made to access my existing credit card accounts ( unsuccessfully ) and to open new accounts ( unsuccessfully ). At that time, I placed security freezes with all - credit bureaus. In -, -, - of the - bureaus ( - and Equifax ) temporarily released the freezes to a fraudulent person. That person subsequently fraudulently opened - credit cards in my name and then attempted a change of address on both cards. There is no mechanism in place for the credit bureaus to confirm identity ( other than the previously issued PIN ). A phone call to a phone an existing phone number in my credit file would have prevented the freeze release. - released the freeze even though a credit card that was not mine was used to release the freeze. That credit card used is not on my credit report and the phone number used to release the freeze is also not on report. - DID provide me with a new PIN after the fraudulent release AND it will ( supposedly ) now require a fax of identifying information prior to releasing a security freeze as well. Equifax released the security freeze even though the call to release the freeze was disconnected prior to getting any credit card to secure the release. Equifax then refused to issue me a new PIN without creating a new security freeze for an additional fee! So with Equifax there is still no mechanism in place to prevent the fraudulent person from again releasing the security freeze.

Equifax customer in Pennsylvania
May 15, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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