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Synchrony Financial Credit card department,

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Amazon offered a store card issued by, which I signed up for. During an Amazon checkout, I was offered a " deffered interest '' promotion using the card on an item that cost $160.00. The terms were that if you paid the balance by the end of the promotion you would be charged no interest. I called Synchronycredit to confirm that payments made in the meantime would go toward interest-bearing purchases first. They confirmed this. I then received a bill showing that I was charged interest, which was then rounded up to a " minimum interest fee. '' I called Synchrony and was told that my payment was " split '' between deferred and non-deferred balances, and that in the " first two months '' that would happen. I went to the website and found the card terms that explicitly state my payments should go toward the non-deferred items first, and that this would only change in the *last two* months

do it again. If I cancel the card, it looks bad on my credit to have a briefly opened account. I feel stuck with a company that is behaving fraudulently right off the bat. They are scamming people out of " minimum interest '' fees when those fees should not be charged according to language in their own card terms. Here is their exact language regarding this ( my promotional balance expires in -, so we 're nowhere near the last two months ) : Payment received in excess of minimum payment amount due will be applied to non-promotional balances before deferred interest promotional balances except in the last two months of a deferred interest promotion. In the last two months of a deferred interest promotion, the payment amount in excess of the minimum payment due will be applied to the deferred interest promotion ( s ) that are in the month of expiration and/or the month prior to expiration.

Synchrony Financial customer in New Mexico
Feb 15, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Synchrony Financial response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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