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Credit card Taking/threatening an illegal action seized/attempted to seize property

Messerli & Kramer P.A. Debt collection department,

Credit card Taking/threatening an illegal action Seized/Attempted to seize property Minnesota

I have been having hardship since my job of seven years closed down in - and I lived in my home for 23 years I do not own it.I had a choice in paying my mortgage, I am still struggling to pay now.I 've been caught up now when finding temp job. I have a - - which frozen my payment because of my unemployment issues for 24 months. I am the sole owner of this card. Once my husband got injury and could n't work they frozen my payment again because he is my spouse because of my payment protection. He is not authorized user because I am the sole owner. My husband is now disable and get little money from Social Security. I have no income. When I last talk to - - company last year around -, - ask if I could send in a payment. My hardship I made a choice to live in my home with my family and kids. They place the card in collection. I thought it would just be listed as a bad debt on my credit report. I have been trying to find Stable full time work so I can pay

He asks for me and throw a letter inside of my inside mail box. This letter was not handed to my husband. My husband did n't retrieved the letter because he thought it was just advertisement or something. The next morning my daughter bought the letter to me and I read it. - want to sue me this is a unsecured debt, there was no pay advance on this card. the last amount I know about was $11000.00. The last I talked with - - in -, - they raised the interest on the card to $11000.00. I had to send in a report from the Doctor about my husband - for the account to be frozen and protected.Some how the paper was n't entered in their database on time. It made the amount go from $11000.00 to $11000.00. I can not pay on this account because I do n't have income, I am having a hardship and trying to keep shelter for me and my family. The letter has a Summon with no court number listed or a seal. if I do n't give a answer he will take me to court and sue me for $12000.00. This attorney had me feeling like I was having a - -. I wish you can help me with this answer to this attorney that amount is not true, which they paid pennies on a dollar. I am willing to pay $10.00 a month until I find a full time employment in my field of -. I had a death in my family in - and grieve for 2 years for this lost. I been trying to find work. My temps job last 1 to 3 months and do not pay enough for me to take on paying this credit cards. I have always pay my bills on time when my husband and i had job. it been hard and the only debt I have is credit cards this - - is harassing me at night, the attorney is running my credit report without my authorization, calling me when I said not to, coming to my house at night. I have 20 days to give him/She a answer. This summon has no date stamp on or listed in the body. ask Messrli and Kramer - - ( - ) -. Give me relief to find a real FT job. I am looking everyday. or set up a good faith payment of $10.00 a month. Or just lists it as a bad debt on my credit report and let me take care of finding work and then make a arrangement later. once I find full time work with a payment plan. I have only - other credit card they are listed as charge off now. I will make good faith when I find full time employment. Only the - - want to sue me. I read on your website about. Is there such a thing when Obama made credit card relief or a a bailout for the consumer who is experience hardship and can not pay the credit card debt. Please help me and send the letter this this attorney. Or to set up a payment plan

Messerli & Kramer P.A. customer in Minnesota
Jan 17, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Messerli & Kramer P.A. response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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