Ability Recovery Services, LLC Debt Collection Complaint

Communication tactics used obscene, profane, or other abusive language

Ability Recovery Services, LLC Debt collection department,

I do not know Communication tactics Used obscene, profane, or other abusive language Texas

I contacted the company after numerous contact from the company to asked them why they were sending a dent collection. i also stated that i did not take any course from them after the 1st attempt. They continued to state that i will have to pay the dollar amount owed. The gentleman whom i spoke with around earlier months -/-/- to -/-/2019 stated that i needed to pay the dollar amount. A few months later i contacted the agency after all contacted me, to asked me to pay for the dollar amount owed. ( i never saved their number ) which is why I wanted to know who was calling me i spoke with ARS - - - who stated that I was responsible for a - $ and - . i was willing to set a payment plan. Though I explained that i was not responsible for the debt because i never finished the course and i made the payment twice when i was still taking the course.

and - - refused. I should not pay for a full amount that i did not use. That is not ok. Today on -/-/2019. Ability Recovery rep - - contacted me and stated that i was a liar and she is seeing that i am challenging the items. I do not think that she has the right to contact me and use such obscene language towards me. Whether i am challenging the account or not, she should not determine my actions towards the false claim that is hurting my credit unnecessarily.

Ability Recovery Services, LLC customer in Texas
Dec 12, 2019

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Ability Recovery Services, LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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