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Medical Communication tactics threatened to take legal action

Turning Point Solutions LLC Debt collection department,

Medical Communication tactics Threatened to take legal action Michigan

I received a call from - ( - ) on behalf of GS Holdings. - told me that my mother had outstanding debt from a hospital visit from -/-/2010 that was sold to GS Holdings. - said GS Holdings would take my mother to court is she did n't pay the debt. I requested proof. I was sent an email from - which contained the last ( - ) of her social, the name of the hospital she received care from in -/-/2010 and the " original account '' number from the hospital. After some pressure applied from the - agent ( said the court filing could be filed as early as the next day, in which case she would be taken to court ), I payed $760.00, after negotiating the price down from $1300.00. I received a receipt after the payment. Everything appeared in order. Several days later I called the hospital billing department. I spoke to the hospital representative and asked if there was archived account from the account number given to me by -. Nothing. I then gave my mothers full name. Nothing. The hospital had no record of an outstanding debt. I called GS Holdings at

in fact in debt and they owned it. They provided nothing and only redirected me to there director of compliance who was not available. Ok. I left my name and number. The director of compliance, -, called me back and had a very vague explanation for why my mother was charged. He stated that I had called the wrong people at the hospital and that I should call again for the info. At this point I told him that I was going to start a fraud dispute with my bank to dispute the charge. He immediately responded that refund the money. I called my bank and let them know. They told me to wait ( 15 ) days, as merchants have ( 15 ) days to refund the money after a dispute before they get involved. I 'm giving them ( 15 ) days. However, I feel that they should be investigated for suspicious activity.

Turning Point Solutions LLC customer in Michigan
Apr 07, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Turning Point Solutions LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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