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Synchrony Financial Credit card department,

Rewards California

I received a promotional offer for my Gap Card ( issued by Synchrony Bank ) for the months of -/-/- and -/-/2016. The promotion was you would receive 5 times the normal rewards points for each purchase during the period PLUS - points each day the card was used. Points were to be awarded within 2 billing statements By -/-/- no bonuses were issued. I contacted Synchrony Bank and they acted like they never heard of the promotion and said they would look into it- I could expect to have it resolved in 2 or 3 more billing cycles. I contacted The Gap about this via email ( attached to this complaint ), they apologized and said Synchrony Bank would be in touch within several days. They were. A nice woman named - from SB apologized for my problem, explained that by error the offer was n't linked to my account but that it was good, I would get my points and even offered $50.00 in extra rewards points for my trouble. She assured me it would be resolved and the rewards would be awarded by my next statement. By this time I had at least 90 mins invested in calls, live 'chats ', and letter writing. After our call, I confirmed that the 'points for my troubles ' ( $50.00 in Gap rewards ) were added to my account and believed that the points I 'earned ' through the promotion would be added soon and every thing would be fine. Today I received a form letter in the mail, basically playing 'Twenty Questions ', asking dates, amounts, etc- as if I am supposed to do all the research and calculations for them, after I was assured that the matter was settled- basically taking me back to 'square one '. They clearly had all this info already when I spoke with -. What a terrible consumer experience and poor reflection on The Gap. I really never want to have anything to do with either Synchrony Bank or The Gap ever again.

Synchrony Financial customer in California
Apr 05, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Synchrony Financial response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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