Wells Fargo & Company Bank Account Or Service Complaint

Checking account Deposits and withdrawals

Wells Fargo & Company Bank account or service department,

Checking account Deposits and withdrawals Delaware

On -/-/2017 a counterfeit check of $490.00 was cashed and that money was removed from my account. I noticed it on -/-/- and called and filed a dispute. They offered no credits or solutions for that amount money from a check that doesnt even look real. Due to the almost $500.00 coming out of my account, i was charged - overdrafts of $35.00 on -/-/2017. At this time i have not received credit for my overdrafts ( -/-/2017 ). From -/-/- to -/-/-, i called in many times. The reason for my repeated phone calls is that nobody could tell me how soon i would get a resolution. At one point an associate told me that because this is covered by Reg E they dont have a timeframe that they need to resolve this issue ( really? ). I finally told them that i want to file a complaint which only made the situation worst. I was transferred to a very nice associate who was supposed to be able to handle these escalated calls. Unfortunately, she couldnt handle a counterfeit check claim circumstance so she conferenced called me into that area. I was on the phone waiting for at least

me back - she couldnt do that. i asked her to have someone from that department call me back - she couldnt do that either. it seems this person who was supposed to be able to handle escalations couldnt do anything. I finally got my credit for the check on -/-/- ( still no credit for overdraft fees ) I realized today i needed to write a check - which i rarely do. i went into the branch and they wanted to charge me $3.00 for counterchecks. i didnt want to pay that and the associate couldnt waive it so i asked to speak to a manager. i spoke to a very nice man in the wells fargo branch in - delaware who told me that it wasnt stores fault what the back office did and they couldnt waive the $3.00 ( what? ). I told him that i dont care who im talking to and that its wells fargo 's issue. he finally waived the fee and he submitted a complaint for me but the whole mentality of " not my fault '' was crazy to me. Im not sure what i want out of this except for the fact that in total i have spent about 10 hours on this issue. i still havent received my credit for overdrafts.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Delaware
Mar 31, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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