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Checking account Deposits and withdrawals

U.S. Bancorp Bank account or service department,

Checking account Deposits and withdrawals Washington

US Bank applies over draft fee 's on my account, based on the available account balance. They calculate the available account balance by subtracting my " Debit Card Authorizations '' from my actual account balance. " Debit Card Authorizations '' are defined below. " When you use your debit card as credit, and authorize payment without using your PIN, the final charge will be submitted by the merchant and reflected in your Account Balance once complete. Meanwhile, these transactions appear as Authorization Pending in your pending transactions list. Some authorizations may not be shown between - and - Central Time due to processing. " So this means they are charging me overdraft fee 's on pending transactions. These pending transactions have not completed and been paid yet. They subtract my pending transactions from my balance but not add my pending deposits until they have fully processed. I think if they are going to count my pending withdraws against my balance they should also count my pending deposits against my balance as well. Thanks, -

U.S. Bancorp customer in Washington
Mar 29, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

U.S. Bancorp response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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