Terrill Outsourcing Group Debt Collection Complaint

Credit card Improper contact or sharing of info talked to a third party about my debt

Terrill Outsourcing Group Debt collection department,

Credit card Improper contact or sharing of info Talked to a third party about my debt West Virginia

This company contacted my daughter who said she was a authorized user on my - account which was in collections.I never made her a authorized user.I called them back and explained to them that I could pay $10.00 a month as now I am on - because of -.At first he said we could work something out.Then he came back and said that my daughter was legally responsible to pay this debt if I did n't pay them $3000.00 in a lump sum.I told him I did n't authorize her and she and her husband were going to buy a house and if this showed up on her credit report her husband was going to have a fit.He went on to say that maybe she added herself and was doing things behind my back and that she needed to go and ask her husband for $3000.00 so it would n't go on her report.I said no way since this is my card and she has nothing to do with it.His manager came on the phone and he tried to get my bank account # and for me to agree to pay $46.00 a month when I had already told them

first employee - was telling me this I guess to scare me into asking them for $3000.00 when they have nothing to do with this at all.She was n't even - when I opened this account.After I came back on the manager and told him I was going to check into all the lies they were telling me he said I could just mail in $ -.I asked the manager how his employee got my daughter 's phone number he said he did n't know.So I said ask your employee he called her and again he started beating around the bush.How can they harass my daughter over a debt that she had nothing to do with? Can they report to her credit when one of them said she was a authorized user and the other said he did n't know why her name was on there but it was there? Please help.

Terrill Outsourcing Group customer in West Virginia
Mar 23, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Terrill Outsourcing Group response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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