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Checking account Deposits and withdrawals South Carolina

I had a personal company check double cashed the first time by my ex wife ( - ). I let Wells Fargo know I had done a mobile deposit of the check and ex wife took the physical check and redeposited it. Wells offered me a new account and told me it would not happen again. I let them know she may have other physical checks where I mobile deposited them. Wells assured me that with a new account, new card protection etc this would not happen. A year later another check from a vendor - deposited in my name was returned to my account since she no longer banked with Wells Fargo. I contacted her bank and let them know of the fraud ( - ) who indicated the check did not come back to them ( She undersigned her name ). Wells refused to look into the matter, claimed I should have destroyed the check again which I did not have access to and had explained they said I was protected. The check was in my name but she deposited via ATM into -. The vendor ( - ) wrote a letter also asked Wells to look into the matter and correct it. I have spent over a YEAR trying to get funds back Wells took from my account that was not supposed to happen again.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in South Carolina
Mar 09, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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