Synchrony Financial Credit Card Complaint

Credit line increase/decrease

Synchrony Financial Credit card department,

Credit line increase/decrease New York

A few months prior, I had major - to remove - from a -. During this time, I missed - payment on - of my Synchrony Bank issued credit cards. When i became stable enough to rectify the concern, I called the bank on the accounts and spoke with the customer service representatives to address late payments, reporting and render payment. My issue with this bank in particular is this ; since that time synchrony has systematically lowered credit limits on every account that i have with this bank. This is done as a tactic to harm the consumer, it is done in manner where the new limit is a couple dollars above the credit balance which in turn effects utilization ratios to appear that the card has been maxed out. When the utilization is within a few dollars of the limit, the action affects the individuals credit score dropping it drastically. If a consumer is unfortunate enough to have multiple cards with this particular lender, they are ALL decreased to dollars above any balance whether or not you have had unforeseen circumstances that result in a late payment on them or not. This action was taken on my cards

was - that was not impacted with a late payment. The representative then advised me that Synchrony does regular credit report checks on card holders, etc. I know that not to be the case however until the recent events that affected my payments came to light. I am very aware that businesses have to protect their bottom lines, it just seems that everything done is at the worst possible outcome for the consumer. They are very willing to open multiple accounts and charge higher interest rates for their store branded issues because it is in their interest of profit. When they took over my GE accounts, they even just dropped the card security feature without my knowledge. When I called a few weeks back the representative confirmed it dropped off when account changed over. Never any help with how it could be rectified, just an apology and a credit for a late charge. They even offered to remove late payment report, I have yet to confirm it however. Despite all that has happened with the late payment and reporting, the worst and most harmful has been this banks systematic approach to decreasing my score by maxing out every trade line i have with them. None of my other creditors have done what this bank has done to me. This is not a type of company i nor any other consumer should want to do business with.

Synchrony Financial customer in New York
Dec 22, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Synchrony Financial response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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