Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Incorrect information on credit report information is not mine

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Incorrect information on credit report Information is not mine Pennsylvania

I have disputed a fraudulent account listed on my credit report twice, and I am still fighting to get the account removed. I provided the identity theft complaint as supporting documentation with the - dispute, which included the police report number, and - 's name who filed the report. I have explained to them that the police report with the identity theft complaint is - pages total, and that 's why I have n't sent the actual police report. Equifax used the same identity theft complaint to place a security freeze on my file, but I still have to go through - to get this fraudulent account removed, that is included in the identity theft complaint as fraudulent. I called the creditor yesterday several times before they could even find this account in their system, and when they finally located the account, they admitted that they received the identity theft affidavit on -/-/2016. This account was removed/blocked by Experian on approx. -/-/2016, and creditor was notified by them. I called Equifax again yesterday after talking to the creditor ( - ), and told them that - is acknowledging that this is a fraudulent account, so how do I get this

theft report they used to place security freeze on my file, I faxed it to them again because I simply want this account removed so I can get on with my life. This account is damaging my credit!!! This is not even my account, and I have gone through - to clear my name of fraudulent accounts/information that has caused enough damage to my life. No identity theft victim should have to go through this, calling credit bureaus/creditors in tears over what should have been resolved by now. I called Equifax again today -/-/2016, and they ca n't even confirm they received the block request, all the other documents they requested, which was faxed yesterday. I wanted to make sure they received what was requested/required to resolve this fraudulent account, and they ca n't even tell me that much!!! They said I have to wait - hours to even find out if they received the fax. What do you mean - hours? This is beyond ridiculous. And this is the same information they were given already, because they used it to activate my security freeze. Do I have to take legal action to get this fraudulent, inaccurate information removed?

Equifax customer in Pennsylvania
Dec 07, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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