Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Credit reporting company's investigation problem with statement of dispute

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Credit reporting company's investigation Problem with statement of dispute Texas

The Debt collection agency, - sent out an order for the deletion of a collection account on my credit file to the - credit bureaus ( Equifax and - ) it was listed on. 5 days afterwards -, deleted the item as requested by -. Equifax on the other refused to yield to the request. - issued - AUDs on - different occasions reiterating its decision to remove the derogatory item from my credit file. Equifax still did not yield. The latest credit report I just obtained has the credit file updated with collection item still listed. I made numerous phone calls to no avail. I was told to file a dispute by one of the Equifax representative which I did by mail with return receipt, to which Equifax sent an acknowledgement letter of receipt. But the outcome was to keep the item on my credit report against the advice of - the company that put it on there in the first place.

As clearly stated, they have resolved to have the item removed. - which is governed by the same rule of credit reporting has initiated the deletion, what excuse does Equifax has to blatantly refuse to comply? This has been ongoing for 2 months and Equifax has made my life miserable, I 'm unable to qualify for a mortgage that I so desire because of this. I have suffered - also because of this. Please, please and please Equifax, delete this item from my credit file

Equifax customer in Texas
Dec 07, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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