Equifax Credit Reporting Complaint

Improper use of my credit report report improperly shared by crc

Equifax Credit reporting department,

Improper use of my credit report Report improperly shared by CRC Nevada

ON - -, 2016, - alerted me that applications had been made with my social security number. -/-/16, -/-/16 - -There were - applications made, my FICO took a dump from - to -, then to - ... I was FURIOUS. I 'M A - with 28 years in -. I understand the mechanics of credit. I FROZE ALL MY CREDIT ON - -, 2016. I put a consumer alert and a 90-day alert, while I was getting the police report filed. I was promised that NO CREDIT would be issued under a freeze. I was promised that creditors wo n't issue credit with consumer alerts .... I 'M IN THE THROES of this and I 've gone from shock to absolute anger. I 'm a very aware woman and quite capable

weeks after I had already contacted : 1. I contacted all creditors of fraud day 3-5, insisting they immediately contact credit reporting agencies and remove promptly ( all info I received from - ). 2. I froze all my credit day 3 from fraud initiated. 3. I put 90 day alerts plus consumer alerts day 3 from fraud alert 4. Police reports within 5 days 5. I now discovered that New Account - -- reported a new account on your EQUIFA- Credit Report. They had a $120.00 FEE that went to my reports. All - of them. This company is fraudulent in actions. The credit agencies? My credits frozen and this account was NOT APPROVED PRIOR TO. I 'm very aggressive at this time since I 'm tired of paying people to protect me and they do n't. System failure is running rampant. I am a - and highly trained in -. Again, the name of the applicant is not my name w/my social. Red flag for the creditor? Or, they just have blinders on or asleep at the wheel? I was notified on - -, 2016 of a new account from Equifax! I railed the creditor! On -/-/16, the - other agencies reported new credit with a $120.00 fee ( the creditors fee )! I called the creditor and expressed the " illegal '' aspects of this. I said, " get this off my report, now! '' Additionally, all - agencies are reporting with a FREEZE and consumer alerts on my account. The credit card was in the name of " - -. '' My name is - - - and my social is not tied to his name. I 'm sick of this carelessness, the credit reporting agencies and their reporting, but NO INVOLVEMENT. They should not have this type of power and be unaware. No.

Equifax customer in Nevada
Oct 16, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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