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Bank of the West Mortgage department,

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I have had many dealings with property mortgages over the years and none as frustrating or lacking professionalism and honesty as my dealings with Bank of the West on my current loan. We have had loan amounts switched at the last minutes, delays and lies told to us about why the delays are happening, we have been ignored by supervisors when we tried to bring these to their attention, we have been strung along with a promise of closing only to find out that the bank is not ready yet. We have been asked to go above and beyond the responsibilities of a borrowing for example, when they asked us to acquire a form from the building and safety office, that neither Bank of the West understood not did I. Without understanding what underwriting wanted how could we be expected to satisfy their condition. In the end I contacted the city directly and resolved the issue but this was after numerous calls and all because the bank refused to explain what the appraisal department wanted. With regards to this particular issue we

and not received anything until a week later, further holding up the closing of our loan. Yesterday I was told by an assistant to my loan advisor at Bank of the West that this is the - loan and the - loan was cancelled because some documents were not provided within a specific time frame. This was a complete surprise to me as I am very responsive with everything the bank requested and was never made aware that a new loan had been opened or why this had happened. When I asked what documents had not been provided and explained that I had no knowledge of a new loan, she feigned ignorance and told me she did n't have any more information although she had access to our loan in her system. -/-/- I made my loan officer aware that I had a vacation planned for the end of the month. he assured me we would sign documents by -/-/- and that the loan would not interfere with the vacation plans I made. The - came and went and the bank still was not ready with documents. They gave me the run around and their answer was always " just a couple of days more ''. finally -/-/- I realized that the loan was going to take another week or so to close so I executed a power of attorney so that my co-borrower could sign the documents at escrow for me. I then left the country and was told that we would close within a week. I left town on -/-/- and returned on -/-/- and the loan documents have still not been ordered. My loan agent left the country and did not pass off my loan to anyone else. When I contacted the bank on -/-/- I found out that loan disclosures still needed to be signed. This was a surprise to me because I had signed several pages of disclosures on - per my loan agent and sent them to him via email on that day. He told me that the rest of the disclosures could be signed at closing. So imagine my shock when i was informed that documents had not been ordered for two weeks because they were missing disclosures. I forwarded the original email to his assistant with the date stamp so she could see that I had handled this on -/-/-. I also left a voice message for their supervisor and sent several emails. I have had no response as of today. There are just a few of the examples that I have. I have never dealt with a bank that had mislead me and it has caused great frustration on my part. I am at my wits end so I am writing this complaint in the hopes of getting the attention of someone at the Bank so that my loan can close. My loan agent is - - and his supervisor is - -. Neither have contacted me in over a week.

Bank of the West customer in California
Aug 15, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of the West response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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