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Checking account Account opening, closing, or management California

I opened an account online with BOTW based on a promotion they had : $150.00 incentive. The process seemed easy enough, with the exception that their system would not capture the " - '' for my address. So, I went ahead and added " half '' to the second part of the address. Everything was fine. I received notification that I should receive my account information within the next few days. I called to get my account information to setup my direct deposit, but was not able to get it over the phone and was directed to visit my local branch. I went to the branch and requested my account information. To my surprise, the teller retrieved my information and gave me my full checking account and debit card number without requesting any sort of identification, just me providing my SSN verbally. I tried setting up my online banking and got an alert that they needed to verify my information for security reasons. I do n't understand, I was able to walk in and get my information without issue and without showing any validation that it was me asking for it, yet I was not able to set up my

following days I got an email saying they could not set up my online banking for security reasons and to call in. I called and the rep said it was because my address was missing the " - '' and fixed it. I told her I have yet to receive any information for my account nor my debit card. She assured me it was mailed to me and I would receive it within the next few days. Wednesday ( - ) I called and inquired on my card, it had been more than a week - mail no longer takes that long. The representative seemed confused from the getgo. I asked her to please confirm where it was sent to and read my address verbatim. Out of curiosity, I asked my neighbor if she had received my mail - to my surprise she had my debit card and pin mailer. Someone other than me received my mail because of your error. Imagine this person was not honest? I would have been out $100.00 because of your error. Not only did your bank fail to safeguard my funds and act accordingly, but delayed access to my funds. This is ridiculous! I 'm a new customer and already experienced poor customer service, misinformation being provided, and possible breach of my account/personal information.

Bank of the West customer in California
Aug 11, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of the West response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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