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Home equity loan or line of credit Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

Bank of the West Mortgage department,

Home equity loan or line of credit Loan servicing, payments, escrow account Colorado

-, On -/-/- you made this statement " The Bank implemented a system enhancement effective - -, - that allows customers to make early payments and, if also enrolled in automatic payments, the automatic payment plan would still debit the scheduled payment amount due on the due date. '' You explained this was why on - -, - the automatic payment plan debited $570.00 after I had already initiated an online payment in the amount of $600.00 on - -, -. Enclosure ( - and - ) If the Bank implemented this system enhancement effective - -, -, Please explain why the automatic payment plan only debited the following amounts on these dates : ( -/-/- - $470.00 ), ( -/-/- - $420.00 ), ( -/-/- - $550.00 )? According to your explanation the automatic payment plan should have debited the regular scheduled payment amount of $570.00 on these dates and posted the difference to the late fee balance. If a late fee balance existed. Enclosure ( Mortgage Transaction History ) If there is a late fee balance due of $27.00 on -/-/- why did the automatic payment plan only debit $540.00? According to bank policy the automatic payment plan

On -/-/- why did the automatic payment plan only debit $480.00? Should n't the automatic payment plan have debited $570.00 and posted $90.00 to late fee balance to satisfy account for the month, if there is a late fee balance owed? It looks like all of these late fee 's in question were back dated to my account after the local Bank manager - - retired. This is why i believe autopay did not debit late fee 's on the dates in question.. Please explain the late fee debit of $170.00 on -/-/- $600.00 payment when all other late fee debit 's are $22.00 on a $600.00 payment with the exception on- when $22.00 was debited 3 times equaling $68.00? Please provide a " complete '' detailed transaction history showing " all transactions '' that includes everything pertaining to loan account including " all late fee accounting with a running balance '' and then a detailed explanation of why payments were debited for an amount less than scheduled payment amount of $570.00, when a late fee balance existed on that date. Please explain why I have no access to any monthly or yearly statements on this loan account? I have been signed up to " online statements '' since - - but the only statements made available to me online is my checking Acct. I have never received any documents mail or online on this account. Only history I have ever received from BOW is the - transaction history 's through the CFPB Site that do not match. I have never once been provided a statement telling me any acct payment is late. I have documented every page many times showing what is made available online to me for every year of loan. Only statements on Acct at BOW site is my checking Acct. Thank you in advance for acknowledging and making corrections requested. Sincerely,

Bank of the West customer in Colorado
Jun 17, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Bank of the West response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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