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I bought an A/C in - through - and I got a credit store financed with Wells Fargo under a Promotion for 18 months with a 0 % Apr, ended in -/-/-. For that reason I was making enough additional payments to my account to pay the debt in time before -/-/- .... Also, when a customer wants to make payments " on time '' take extra precaution so I did and set up the automatic payments to " pay on time '' meaning not missing any " due date ''. However, I made extra payments to reach the amount before the promotional interest has ended. But Wells Fargo was not taking the extra money I was putting into my account because I had the autopayment set up, and just the minimum amount of this system was accepted and no additional payments were accepted. Yes, I believed I was making additional payments for many months, but in the reality they were not processing those payments. So, at this point it looks to me that this a " tricky system '' Wells Fargo is using to overdue payments, and in my case they won a " deferred interest ''. This tool

can reach their total balance on time if they do not let customers pay extra payments other that the minimum amount with this automatic system they have. My original debt was $4900.00 in - was a balance of around $500.00, they applied the deferred interest of more of $1500.00. When I called The first time to Wells Fargo I did not realize about this issue with their system, worry about this situation I was trying to move this debt into another account due the high interest they also applied 28 %. As always taking care of my finances. But it is when I realized " why '' the total debt was not paid " On time '' so the representative admited she could see I was making " those unsuccessful additional payments '' due to their system and admited it was their fault. So she reduced the debt saying that was all her system let her do, I ended paying around $800.00 just for the " deferred interest '' Is it not fair.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Tennessee
Apr 08, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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