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I was a wells Fargo customer for several years but my free checking account was never used, a teller pursuaded me to open one to save check cashing fees. One day after several months of no activity w/ my account I went inside to deposit a $1000.00 check, I was told there was a problem w/ my account & was directed to an account manager, this guy was a complete -, before anything was explained to me he was treating me like a comin thug very disrespectful, I started losing my patience with this - then he blurted out loudly that my account is frozen due to being overdrawn, he said I will get a letter in the mail. So I left for home, checked the mail and to my surprise their was a letter from Wells Fargo that had a copy of - checks each made for $450.00 totaling $900.00, the name on the check was a - from Alabama, the signature on the back looked like a woman signed it trying to cash them. What happened is some - at Wells Fargo used my account - to cash this - from Alabama checks and my name is -

these -, I 've opened at least 5 fraud cases with Wells Fargo fraud department that always ends with " sorry we ca n't help you because it 's not your name on the checks '' they know this but it 's fine to use my bank account to cash this guys checks!! I ca n't even file a police report because the cops need more information. Wells Fargo has completely stone walled me, my name has been added to the fraud warning site, I ca n't open any bank accounts, it has damaged my reputation and has caused me much grief. This is a perfect example of why banks should never be to big look at how they treat people and GET AWAY WITH IT!!! I am beyond furious how incompetence runs rampant through wells fargo they should have to go through what they 've put me through, see if they act like it 's no big deal when it 's happeneing to them!!

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Florida
Mar 25, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with monetary relief

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