Wells Fargo & Company Bank Account Or Service Complaint

Checking account Deposits and withdrawals

Wells Fargo & Company Bank account or service department,

Checking account Deposits and withdrawals Indiana

Please note, this complaint comes after multiple transactions that have been out of the norm of my usual experience with Wells Fargo. I do not have documentation for many of them, as I assumed I was not properly managing my account. I made a debit card payment for $100.00 to - late night -/2017, my confirmation ( attached ) shows the payment was successful. Immediately after making the payment I checked my Wells Fargo online banking which showed the payment as pending and my available balance as $310.00. I also received an email confirmation from Wells Fargo, confirming the transaction. On the morning of -/2017 ( today ), I checked my Wells Fargo account again, as I do every morning. It showed my balance as still $310.00 but the transaction to - was no longer there. I rechecked my - account and the payment had still been posted. I called - to confirm that nothing had gone wrong with my payment and they said everything with the payment was ok. I then proceeded to call Wells Fargo to see what the issue could be. I was informed by the telephone banker,

and should have been - more if the item was credited back, 2nd, from previous experience, an item has always sat in pending status for at least 5 business days before it has been credited back to my account. It has never dropped off the very next day. 3rd, when an item is pending but not paid there is always the original transaction and a reversal transaction showing the credit back to my account. My transaction history does not show any debit from or credit back to my account. This is - of several seemingly deliberate attempts to cause my account to overdraft. Another creditor stated that their bank submitted a check to my bank which I do every month and it usually clears right away. This particular check, did not cleared for 5 days and conveniently on the day I decided to use the funds temporarily ( 6 hours ), Wells Fargo posted and immediately, returned the item for NSF. In previous instances, checks submitted to Wells Fargo had been processed overnight and held as pending to my account till the end of that banking day for which it came in. I always get the required funds into the account by the end of business. The last check I wrote never showed in my account as pending but showed the next day that it had been submitted the day before and returned for insufficient funds. Finally, I monitor my account activity multiple times daily with mobile and online banking. After most transactions, I check my account balance. Then on some days my balance changes without a transaction to account for change. It has always been explained that even thought the item showed as pending at the time of the transaction, the funds again were not " actually '' withdrawn from my account. I thought that was the purpose of using a debit card over a credit card. Funds are withdrawn or pending withdrawal and subtracted from my available balance immediately.

Wells Fargo & Company customer in Indiana
Mar 22, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Wells Fargo & Company response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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