TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. Credit Reporting Complaint

Credit monitoring or identity protection problem with fraud alerts

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. Credit reporting department,

Credit monitoring or identity protection Problem with fraud alerts Connecticut

Allegedly, I enrolled into TransUnion and attempted to put a lock/freeze on my credit report. That feature will not work. I looked for a fraud alert capability and could not find one. I feel I paid for a defective service which makes me wonder what else does not work. I enrolled in - and -. The results are better at - and - is superior to both - and TransUnion. I did the - signups to compare them. I 'll likely drop - and stay with - service. I rate them as - is Superior, - is Average and TransUnion is Below Average. So, if you are a D student and enjoy being stupid, TU is for you. If you do n't care but feel you need something, and have realized services like - are worthless money grubbers ( allegedly, and they were class action sued for being a poor service ), but you are smart enough to know you need something to protect yourself, the - is for you. If you respect yourself and you want the best service for your own benefit, then - is your best choice out of the - services. Remember, it 's only getting worse. Also, beware of people or companies who can file and grant you credit with or without a good credit report. So, the insurance offering is a good thing. Please email your congressman, state and federal, and force them to classify identify theft as a major felony with minimum sentences equal or higher to -, - and people who commit treason. Literally, do n't let people who steal peoples life savings and - up their lives get off easy. Make it a life sentence or if severe enough, -.

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. customer in Connecticut
Mar 20, 2017

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

TransUnion Intermediate Holdings, Inc. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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