Equifax Credit Card Complaint

Closing/Cancelling account

Equifax Credit card department,

Closing/Cancelling account Texas

I am disputing the findings of Equifax Information Services , LLC because it failed to properly and adequately investigate my claims in the dispute against - - Bank, - - - -, - - -, - -, SD - concerning my credit card account ending in - with the bank, and did not delete the account, instead Equifax Information Services , LLC supported the bank in propagating unfair business practices by holding the Bank 's submission as accurate without fully investigating my submission. In fact, I believe that I have been as specific as possible in all discussions with - - Bank, unlikely the Bank that continues to manipulate the dispute process ( Attachments B, C, and E ). 1. I am disputing the claim of - - Bank against me to the tune of $550.00 as inaccurate because its permutation is erroneous, and therefore inaccurate. The calculations were based on wrong assumptions including wrong account closing dates, multiple closing dates, membership fees on a closed account and accumulating

2. - - Bank denied me insurance protection benefits on this account in spite of the fact that I was mandated and forced to opt into the policy, and paid the premiums. Even, after admitting to this fact, - - Bank made no effort to adjust the account, and continued to perpetrate the inaccuracy ( attachment G, H, J, and K ). 3. - - Bank denied me the opportunity to negotiate a settlement. I made oral written attempts to negotiate the debt, but - - Bank officials deliberate used tactics that made them inaccessible and ignored my written requests ( attachment D, F and L ). 4. Equifax Information Services , LLC did not review any phone records or transcripts to confirm the claims of either party to the dispute but relied solely on the submission of - - Bank that its summary of statements were accurate, hence unfairly confirming the position of - - Bank against me based on inaccurate accounting ( attachment G, H ). 5. Equifax Information Services , LLC did not examine any detailed bank statements to judge the accuracy of the content or determine how and why the figures were changing in such a dramatic fashion during such a short period of time, including who made payments or why the payment was made ( attachment C and M )? 6. Equifax Information Services , LLC refused to respond to my request for the details of their investigation ( attachment N ). Therefore, my account ending - with - - Bank should be removed from charge-off status, and deleted completely because of these inaccuracies, lapses in the investigation process, and wrong verdicts ( attachments A, C and E ). Note : The attachments are a compilation of documents obtained from the various credit reporting agencies approached during the dispute process.

Equifax customer in Texas
Dec 05, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Equifax response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

Consumer disputes how Equifax handled their complaint

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