Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) False statements or representation attempted to collect wrong amount

FAIR COLLECTIONS & OUTSOURCING, INC. Debt collection department,

Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) False statements or representation Attempted to collect wrong amount California

-/-/- I move to a property on - - - -, - -, CA - and moved out my stuff on -/-/- when someone from this company where able to pick up the house keys from me, by the time that I move on -/-/- I have to give to my landlord -/-/- which is the first and last month plus almost - - more for me to moving in 4 days before moving day, until there where where fine. After I move to the property on -/-/- I start taking to my neighbors about the previous tenant and they told me that previous tenant moved out because the house was infested by termite and rats and days before I moved pets controls companies removed a cover that was covering the all house for like a month to remove all termine and rats. Then about 2 month after I moved in I start hearing noises at night on the attic and all over the house, and one day when I woke up I saw a mice in the kitchen, them right away I contact the landlord telling the situation and they said there is nothing that they ca n't do

the dead rats. Then we contact back again the landlord after 6 month and I said I do n't care if you do n't take care this issue I will move out. Them they step on it and they did me an appointment with pet control, so pet control show up days later and start working on the rats, they capture some and we did too on our side, but things start getting worst so pet control where coming a lot of times, and my landlord get to a point they said where spending too much money in this, but I keep fighting about the same for months because rats start running everywhere day time or nighttime around us and we saw them in our bed more than 3 times but it get to a point that on -/-/- my wife and my - - moved out from the house when we saw a mice waking on the baby bed and she sleeping in the bed and I contact the landlord saying I was leaving that I wo n't take any more - that I already where losing my family because this, and they said well if you moved out we will keep the - dollars of deposit and we will charge you a penalty for moving without 60 days notification, I fight with them about it and they said we will report it to a collection and it will mess your credit. So I told them before you do that you have to bring me to court to solve this and you can make sure that I would have money I would bring you to court. So they sent someone and I gave them back the house 1 year exact, but like then wanted to steal my deposit and charge me more I left my things inside until the last day. So when I left the property they keep my deposit because I lived it and apparently charge me for those 60 days that they said like - dollars and I notice that because my credit report came to me. Collection company name is FAIR COLLECTION & O with address - - -. - -, -, - - and phone - and landlord have change their name in the last year 3 times name - - - -, name - - - and now - - - with address - - - -. - -, - -, - with phone -. I went to google to see if there is other complain over - and there is a lot with - star from - star. Colony never contact me calling by phone or email like they always did when I was a tenant. What can I do to solve this and remove from my credit report this unfair debt because I do n't own them anything. I did open a dispute with - and -. And - always charge the rent late cashing the checks to charge me - dollars for late payments. I sent -/-/- some papers to the collection agency

Nov 29, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

FAIR COLLECTIONS & OUTSOURCING, INC. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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