Source Receivables Management LLC Debt Collection Complaint

Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt is not mine

Source Receivables Management LLC Debt collection department,

I do not know Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt is not mine California

In a recent review of my credit report ( - -, 2016 ) I noticed a collection agency ( Source Receivables Management ) that I have no recollection of, placed a collection account on my credit report alleging that I owe a balance of $230.00 resulting in a derogatory trade line. Source Receivables Management NEVER contacted me via phone nor mail regarding this collection account prior to placing the account on my credit report. Under the laws mandated by the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act ( FDCPA ), and pursuant to 809. Validation of debts [ 15 USC 1692g ], I am entitled to be privy to this information prior to a collection account negatively impacting my credit report. As a consumer who is familiar with the laws and regulations regarding collection agencies and credit reporting, I knew my consumer rights were violated by Source Receivables Management once I saw the collection account trade line on my credit report and never received any formal documentation in the mail, nor was a phone call ever received prior to SRM placing the collection account on my credit report. Immediately after I was aware of the negative trade line placed on my credit

cease all collection efforts as SRM did not comply with the FDCPA while attempting to collect on this debt. To this date, I have not received any documentation in the mail, nor has any communication been made with me from SRM in an effort to validate the debt. In addition to my efforts at trying to acquire validation of this debt from -, I have also had an attorney mail out formal notarized letters on - - and - - requesting validation and to no avail, our efforts have been unsuccessful and SRM still has not communicated with myself nor my attorney. I also filed a formal complaint with the - of North Carolina/- on - - and am still awaiting a response. At this time I am reaching out to the CFPB to assist me with getting SRM to comply with the FDCPA laws.

Source Receivables Management LLC customer in California
Jul 28, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Source Receivables Management LLC response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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