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Fair collections and outsourcing is wrongfully reporting on my credit bureaus. i 've sent requests registered mail to the bureau three times to investigate and they keep concluded that the account is valid, but in over 3 months of sending letters requesting proof that the debt belongs to me and it is a debt that i signed for with this company, to date no proof has been furnished. i sent an email to the company on - -, 2016 demanding proof straight from the source. i stated if you can not supply me with proof of this debt please remove the debt from my credit bureaus. i received a response from - - stating that she would investigate and get back in touch with me. i have received absolutely nothing i even sent a follow up email and i 've received no response. this is not my debt and they have it unfairly listed as a collection on my credit and i want it removed. i need to find a new residence and this is severely hindering the process and i could soon be homeless. where are the rules and regulations that govern these lying thieving companies from imposing undue and unfair negative information on well to do consumers. where is the justice. what is FCRA if it is useless and the laws and regulation by which they govern these entities are a big joke?

FAIR COLLECTIONS & OUTSOURCING, INC. customer in Massachusetts
Apr 28, 2016

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

FAIR COLLECTIONS & OUTSOURCING, INC. response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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