AmeriCollect Debt Collection Complaint

Medical Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt is not mine

AmeriCollect Debt collection department,

Medical Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed Debt is not mine Texas

- - for debt validation I have had my rights as a Texas consumer violated and ignored. I sent Americollect Collection Agencya debt validation letter to confirm this debt is mine and they ignored my request. Under the current law,30 days should be enough time to validate such requests. I mailed the above named company I letter on -/-/15, they received and signed for the letter on -/-/15. They violated my request in 2 ways. 1, for ignoring my request, and 2, for continued attempt to collect on this debt by actively reporting to the - major Credit Bureaus -. There is plenty of supporting case law to back this claim up, that actively reporting to the bureau 's is in deed a form of debt collection. I have not received any info from this collection agency to prove I owe this debt. I find it malicious, and I feel I have been taking advantage of by Americollect Collection Agency and I would like this collection removed and deleted from all - credit bureau 's. I have uploaded supporting documents to help prove my case. In - of my uploaded documents, Americollect claims that I mailed them some sort of

I physically drafted my own debt validation letter and mailed it to Americollect because I 'm tired of being taken advantage of. Also in the Americollect response letter I uploaded, they ignore my resolution. I feel they do not get a - chance to to validate this debt. I gave them - chances already this year, and I was ignored. I 'm trying to take the responsible approach to handle this debt, and they are treating me unfairly. They as a company need to respond in a timely fashion to my debt validation requests, not when they feel like it, or when I have their attention with this complaint in fear of legal responses. Also, they state they mailed me documents in response to letters I allegedly sent them earlier this year. This statement is false. I never received anything. Please show me - slips that I signed and received they 're letters? If you ca n't furnish such proof then I 'm not sure what to tell you. But I think it is a lie to cover up something. Please delete the reporting of this debt from the reporting bureau 's.

AmeriCollect customer in Texas
Dec 28, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

AmeriCollect response to complaint:
Closed with explanation

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