Oracle Financial Group LLC. Debt Collection Complaint

Payday loan False statements or representation impersonated an attorney or official

Oracle Financial Group LLC. Debt collection department,

Payday loan False statements or representation Impersonated an attorney or official Ohio

- - - contacted myself, my husband, and my son 's father to get ahold of my son concerning an advance payday loan from - for $130.00 from - 2014. - - - stated that my son committed fraud against me. - - stated that he worked for the Oracle Financial Group in accordance with the - County Courts. He will be changed through the - County Courts if my son, - -, does n't call by - -. That was the message left on my husband 's cell phone for me. When - - called me directly, he said about the same thing, but - - had to call him back by - or he would have the sheriff 's department go and arrest him at work and - would lose his job. - - also knew all of my previous last names, my birthday, and my social security number. - - also stated that he would have me arrested if - did n't contact him. I am - and makes me afraid because of his tone and threatening attitude. He also knows my address. I do not want this company or anyone associated with the Oracle Financial Group LLC to ever contact myself, or other family members again.

Oracle Financial Group LLC. customer in Ohio
Oct 14, 2015

* Source: CFPB Complaint Database

Oracle Financial Group LLC. response to complaint:
Closed with non-monetary relief

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