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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is a 21st century agency that helps consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives.

The CFPB will forward your complaint to MJ Altman Companies, Inc. and work to get a response. After your complaint is forwarded, MJ Altman Companies, Inc. has 15 days to respond to you and the CFPB. MJ Altman Companies, Inc. is expected to close all but the most complicated complaints within 60 days.

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MJ Altman Companies, Inc. Debt collection attempts to collect debt not owed debt is not yours


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MJ Altman Companies, Inc. Debt collection attempts to collect debt not owed debt was result of identity theft

January 2, 2019 - In response to CFPB:- This dispute is not about my -.Validation of people using my information is not a proper investigation, do not just put into -. I have put you on notice then I reserve the right to file a suit against you for FDCPA violations in my courts venue. You will have to travel to defend yourself in that scenario. Please also be advised that this request is an official validation of debt request and not a verification of address request. Proper proof of said debt is required. Please understand as well that under the FCRA any furnisher of information must put the account r...

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MJ Altman Companies, Inc. Debt collection cont'd attempts collect debt not owed debt is not mine

August 25, 2016 - Mj Altman agency has been reporting a medical debt on the credit report for years. There is an incorrect date of delinquency, and they have NEVER provided validation of the debt. This has been disputed multiple times- at least annually. The company continues to repollute the credit report and change the date of delinquency to extend credit bureau reporting in violation of FCRA. Several years ago, I received a bill that was past due for some kind of -. I called the doctor office as I had never been there for service, and they said they believed the bill might belong to my father, as he has t...

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